Ultimate Wizard EZ Bowling Ball Plug Kit

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Ultimate Wizard EZ Bowling Ball Plug Kit Features:

Tru urethane product used for plugging bowling balls, making custom thumb molds, slugs and Donkee Kit inserts

    • 1:1 Ratio, 2 Minute Pot Life
    • 15-25 second mix time
    • 2-3 minute gel time
    • 45 Min Cure Time - (Sets quickly for drilling and working in less than hour) 
    • Color Features: 
        · Cures Opaque color with no added pigment 
        · Retains vibrant pigments with pearl additives 
        · Most colors can be achieved with as little as 1 drop of color pigment.
    • 1 Year Shelf Life
    • Kit Includes: 
        · (4) Quarts Part A 
        · (4) Quarts Part B
    • There is no need for pumps with the EZ Plug (or the Wizard II Ball Plug) because the bottles are EZ Pour, so they trap and measure out the amount needed at the top, providing accurate measurement and preventing a mess.
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