Innovative Contoured Sanding Block

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Innovative Contoured Sanding Block Features:

Use with hook & loop style abrasive papers or pads: Abralon, SIAAIR, and Daisy Sand Paper.

A ball spinner with skilled and undistracted hands can do just about anything needed to a ball’s surface. However, distracted or inexperienced hands can quickly leave behind flat spots. These accidents simply cannot happen with our CABs.

Our CABs feel good in your hands and have a “hook” and “loop” fastening system that firmly secures daisy sanding paper, Abralon, or SiaAir pads. This is the best possible Contour Abrasion Block and it is the least expensive one available. “You can have any color you like – so long as it is black.”

If you want multiple CABs (and you should) for different sanding grits simply use a Silver Sharpie to write anything you like on an Innovative CAB.

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