Brunswick H-2 Shark Tooth Heel Price: $19.95
  • Item #: BRH2HEEL
  • Manufacturer: Brunswick
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: H2
  • Condition: New
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Brunswick H-2 Shark Tooth Heel Features:

This is a replacement heel designed for the Brunswick TPU X and Stealth Bowling Shoes. The H-Bar heel features Slant-Lock Channel Technology to secure heel to shoe. The lower the number means less slide, the higher the number means more slide. This is one of many heels available for these shoes. Optional Interchangeable Slide Pads and Heels Provide Bowlers with the Exact Slide They Want. No trimming necessary - Brunswick heels come in sizes S (8-9.5), M (10-11.5), and L (12-13) and are specifically made to fit Brunswick Performance Shoes.

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