Ultimate Wizard Bowling Ball Plug Kit
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Donkee Insert Molding Kit

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  • Item #: DONKEE
  • Manufacturer: Ultimate
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: UBP07
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Ultimate’s Donkee Insert Molding Kit, in combination with Ultimate Wizard Ball Plug forms a mighty effective alliance in lowering pro shop costs and increasing pro shop profits. Anytime you lower cost, you increase the bottom line of your income statement! When used with Ultimate Wizard Ball Plug, this mold kit allows you to produce your own 1 1/8, 1 1⁄4, 1 3/8 urethane solids, as well as, oval urethane inserts in the following sizes: 21/32, 11/16, 3⁄4, 25/32, 13/16, 27/32, 7/8, 29/32, 15/16, 31/32, 63/64, 1, 1 1/64, 1 1/32 and round urethane inserts of: 3⁄4, 25/32, 13/16, 27/32, 7/8, 29/32, 15/16, 31/32, 63/64, 1, 1 1/32, 1 1/16, 1 1/32, and 1 1/8. Kit includes 12, color-coded, molding cylinders: 4) 1 1/8, 4) 1 1⁄4, 4) 1 3/8, 2) cylinder end-caps for making solids, and 2) mold release rings, and one can of Ultimate Mold Release. All 45 pieces are organized and contained in a single storage box. To view the instructions for the Donkee Mold Kit click here. When you buy solids, you pay for the whole thing but you end up using such a small portion of it. Most of what you bought goes in the shop-vac as you drill the hole. Most of what you are buying ends up as trash. If you are looking for solid logic, you won’t find it there! With the Ultimate Donkee Mold Kit, when you need a hole in an insert, make the insert with the hole all ready there. No waste! Ultimate Donkee Mold Kit plus Ultimate Wizard Ball Plug equals any size, any shape, any color insert, in less than 45 minutes. The Donkee molding cylinders can also be used when casting custom thumbs.

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